Group Classes & Personal Training

Train with Andrea in Letterkenny. Whether you prefer the social atmosphere of a Group Class, or the focus of Personal Training, you’re in the right place.

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Fun Workouts

Learn exactly how to do each exercise no matter what your fitness level is, understand what impact the workouts will have on your body, and learn the importance of different types of exercise.

Nutritional Guidance

Learn about how the way you eat is affecting your health and body, find out how to use good portion sizes, and identify tools to keep an eye on your nutritional intake.


Classes with AMG Fitness are interactive, friendly, bitchiness-free, and all round great craic! Gone are the days of turning up to a fitness class and talking to nobody, there’s plenty of time to have a chat and make friends.

Plans and Pricing

Whatever you need, whatever your budget, we have a plan that will work for you. Not sure which plan to choose? Book a free consultation.

Online Training

Accessible Worldwide
49.99/4 weeks
  • Access to the AMG Fitness app (available for Android/iOS)
  • Training Only Programmes, Nutrition Only Programmes, or Full Transformation Programmes Available
  • No Contract, Cancel Any Time
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Personal Training

149.99/4 weeks
  • Hour Long Sessions Three Times Per Week
  • Personalised Workouts Designed For You
  • Nutritional Guidance and Monitoring
  • Weekly Check-Ins With Your Coach
  • Measurements, Weigh-Ins, Photos
  • No Contract, Cancel Any Time
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“I had a wedding coming up and I said to Andrea “I just want to be able to dance at it, I used to love going to weddings and dancing away, but I couldn’t do that any more.” In the first four weeks I had a stone and a half off. I jumped up and screamed with happiness when I saw that!”


Group Training Client


Personal Training Client

“I have 2 kids under 4, I’m trying to start my own career, and I’m only 23 myself, so I knew I needed help to get my eating habits and exercise going right. The food I’m eating is perfect for the whole family, and my little ones are eating way more fruit and veg now that they see me doing it!”


Personal Training Client


Personal Training Client

“Highly recommended! Andrea is a great personal trainer. she inspires you to push harder, encourages you through set backs, and works hard to set a program that suits your needs best. Besides all that, she’s fun to be around so you always look forward to every training session!


Personal Training Client


Personal Training Client

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