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Our coaching program includes nutritional education, a comprehensive workout programme, and a groundbreaking support system, designed to get you fit and healthy, and keep you there!

Nutritional Education

You’ll learn all about nutrition so that you can make the best food choices for yourself now, and in the future.

Workout Programme

Your workouts have been designed to burn calories, improve your body composition, and be fun too!

Support System

At AMG Fitness, we have a real community. You’ll get to know other members in classes, and we’ll keep an eye on your progress at all times.

Andrea McGowan

Qualified Personal Trainer

“Every single day I hear from my clients how much they are enjoying their training, they’re able to make great nutritional choices for themselves, and they’re making friends through the gym. That’s what drives me, seeing the progress that my clients are making day in, day out.”

Andrea is a certified Personal Trainer with personal experience of huge weight loss. She is skilled at creating a fun but challenging workouts, teaching the fundamentals of nutrition and building relationships with people from all walks of life. Andrea has lost over 6 stone, changing her lifestyle completely, and now thrives on helping others do the same.

Online Training

Access your workouts, any time, anywhere. Whether you work shifts, travel often, or live far away, you can follow your workout plan with instructional videos straight from your laptop or smartphone.


High-quality instructional videos


Nutrition tracking with my-fitness pal


Personalised workouts based on your goals


Weight lifting exercises you can do at home


Weigh-in’s, measurements, and progress photos

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"Andrea is super positive in her motivational style and feeds this can-do attitude into her clients. I'm comfortably getting into jeans a size smaller and I've lost 9kg."


Online Training

"Andrea was the first person (after a long struggle with weight loss) who told me what I needed to hear: "it's ok to eat that" and "step off those scales"."


Online Training

"Andrea does a great variety of cardio, weights and circuit training so no session is ever the same, which is brilliant as time flies by!"


Personal Training

There’s no better time to start your journey than right now.


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